Featured Artist Friday: Meet Ashlyn

Posted on September 01 2017

Ashlyn is a wife and a new momma through foster care. She started using hand-lettering as a creative outlet in 2015 and has slowly grown her passion into the small business, AP Letters.  It all began when she was a kid; she would write bible verses or inspiring quotes on paper and tape them up on the walls of her room. Ashlyn prays that her work brings joy and points people to the Lord even on their busiest days. She enjoys being outdoors, having a clean house and eating cereal multiple times a day.

We asked Ashlyn a few questions to help us
get to know her more + here's what she said: 

How does a typical day progress for you? / Do you have any morning rituals?

I became a momma last summer and since then have been trying to figure out how to be the most productive in my business while being present with my little one. It is something I struggle with everyday. I find I’m most productive if I can get out of bed (this is a tough one haha), make my coffee, start my day reading the bible, and making a to-do list. The rest of the day is made up of trying to cram as much work into nap times as possible with a little after bed time work, if needed.

How do you kick off a new week with a fresh start?

To do lists are my best friend. I LOVE writing down all that I need to do. The feeling of checking off everything (re: anything) on my list is so satisfying. Also, a clean work space helps me have a clear head!

What kind of influence or role do you believe art currently has in society?

One of my best sellers are my 1 Corinthian 13 boards that most brides use to line the aisles at their wedding. I love being able to provide God’s word in written form to remind them of the covenant they are making as they start their new adventure together.

Do you do any research or look for inspiration when starting new work?

Most of my inspiration comes from my customers. They push me to create new things constantly. They usually believe I can do something before I do.  I also find that getting outside or exercising really motivates me and clears my head for new ideas!


What do you love to paint/draw/design most?

I really love seeing my designs printed on things. I’ve tried mugs, tea towels, and t shirts. So hopefully I will be able to do more of that in the future! I also find it so special designing pieces for people’s biggest days!

What is the best advice another artist gave to you?

I’ve heard it from quite a few artists, specifically Sarah from @chalkfulloflove and Rachel from @rachel_allene, that products and ideas are going to fail, but there are also products and ideas that are going to work. It’s all about moving on past those failures and realizing it’s just part of the process. I think this helps me in taking risks and trying new things.

What are your biggest struggles with being an artist?

There are so many avenues that I could take by being an artist and that easily overwhelms me. I’m struggling on finding and settling on my niche!

Do you have a favorite type of music or artist you listen to while creating?

I am more of a Netflix binge watcher while I work- currently on The Office. But I also like listening to Hillsong, Bethel Music, or any other worship music.  Most of the time, I have baby babble going on in the background. Ha

What are your biggest goals for this year?

This is my first year being able to do this full time so I’m excited to try a lot of new things. I really want to start/continue building relationships with other artists out there, as well.

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  • Jeri Lamerton: September 01, 2017

    Love you sis. You have really grown this last year in your faith, motherhood and business. You are very talented and I love watching you develop. I struggle getting out of bed too. lol You inherited that. :)

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