Featured Artist Friday: Meet Elizabeth

Posted on May 05 2017

Elizabeth Gray is a hand letterer + pastry chef from Virginia. She loves to write pretty things, drink all the coffee, and make people smile. This free-spirited introvert and semi-crazy cat lady is currently in the process of opening an online shop for her hand lettering called TheGrayterGood. 


We asked Elizabeth a few questions to help us
get to know her more + here's what she said: 

 How do you kick off a new week with a fresh start?

I typically spend the weekend coming up with a to-do list, and then try to knock out as much as I can on Monday - it feels amazing to have so much done in the beginning of the week! Also, a good cup of coffee + a weightlifting sesh at the gym do wonders for your outlook.

What kind of influence or role do you believe art currently has in society?

Art itself comes in many forms, and has a bigger role in society that most people realize. It's everywhere you look - from street signs to the silver screen, from billboards to galleries. It can change and shape your perception of the present as well as who you are as a person. Typography + lettering is making a HUGE resurgence, which is super exciting to designers like myself!


Anything you wish people understood more about your work and process?

That everything worth doing takes time, and a lot of it! Success didn't happen for me overnight, and it didn't just knock on my door either. You have to work for what you want, and you need to get up and chase your dreams! Also, I don't just sit down and create perfect designs instantly - there is so much planning, prepping, warm-ups, etc. For every finished piece there are at least 10 crappy pieces crumpled up in the trash can.

What is the best advice another artist gave to you?

To stay true to who YOU are. Nobody else can do you as good as you can. Don't be afraid to learn, change, and grow.

What are your biggest struggles with being an artist?

The balancing act. Having enough time for design + my hubby + the house + work + proper eating + fitness + everything. I'm slowly learning that there just isn't enough time in the day to finish the never-ending to-do list, so you need to prioritize and conquer. Also, comparison kills any mojo or inspiration, and is an easy trap to fall into with the social world we live in.

Do you have a favorite type of music or artist you listen to while creating?

Mellow tunes always get me in the zone. My current playlist has The Lumineers, Ruth B, Peter Bradley Adams, and Sleeping at Last.

What are your biggest goals for this year?

To take every day as it comes. To work my butt off but not forget to live a little. To do my best, make decisions that might scare me, and go farther than I ever thought I could.


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