Featured Artist Friday: Meet Marcelle

Posted on May 19 2017

Marcelle is married to her best friend Scott and are raising their three adorable, energetic kiddos in the Midwest.  Most days you can find her in my art studio or soaking in the sunshine with her kids at the park while sneaking pieces of chocolate with a camera slung over her shoulder. Marcelle's artwork is centered around the theme of finding joy in daily life and she hopes that it brings happiness into the homes and spaces they occupy. 

We asked Marcelle a few questions to help us
get to know her more + here's what she said: 

How does a typical day progress for you? / Do you have any morning rituals?
As a mother of 3 darling kiddos, most of my days revolve around playing at the park, going to the library, and chauffeuring them to different activities. Each week I intentionally plan specific blocks of time to solely focus on painting (usually when kids are at school and the little one is napping). Painting takes me to a place of calm that fuels my need to create and enables me to better carry out my tasks as a mother when I'm fulfilled in my identity as an artist. My children get excited to see what I've created and support me as an artist. Sometimes, they love to pull out their own paints and create alongside me; their creativity and limitless boundaries are extremely refreshing and inspiring. Seeing the world through their eyes is an experience I cherish daily!
What kind of influence or role do you believe art currently has in society?
When I graduated from college a handful of years ago with a BFA in painting & drawing, the only way to become "known" in the art world required artists to enter galleries and contests and to possibly get an MFA degree as well. The road to getting paid as an artist seemed long with no sure way of reaching that desired destination. With the explosion of technology and the internet, I realized one day that ANYONE could be an artist and sell their work online. This realization made me question my place as an artist, who had gone to college for art and worked extremely hard to earn my degree.  I saw a sea of talented creatives on the internet and wondered where I belonged. After reading "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert, I understood her words that “If you’re alive, you’re a creative person.” My voice as an artist matters because I am PASSIONATE about art and have been since the day I was born. Every single day I love to create with my mind and my hands, whether on a canvas or other aspects of my life. I truly live to create and strive to have my art emit joy in the lives of others too!
Do you do any research or look for inspiration when starting new work?
My eyes are constantly open taking in new ideas, patterns, & color inspiration pretty much everywhere I go (especially when traveling). Snapping pictures on my iPhone enables me to go back and find themes of things I found interesting. I also love to clip ideas from magazines and pair them with Pantone swatches, fabric, ribbon, and foliage to create a mood board on my wall. Once I start a project, often my artwork will take many different twists and turns, but at least I have  a jumping off point that inspires me.
What do you love to paint/draw/design most?
Every time I start a new body of work, I tend to gravitate towards simplifying  landscapes and nature or an abstract concept with relationships of color, shape, and repetition.
What are your biggest struggles with being an artist?
There are so many ideas that fill my head and my notebooks; I just wish I could clone myself to accomplish more! I've learned to give myself grace and be thankful for the time that I get to paint.
What are your biggest goals for this year?
This year I'm excited to connect with Interior Designers and have my art showcased in their beautiful home projects. If you're an interior designer, contact me on my website (marcellecalder.com) and we can chat about my trade program.
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