Featured Artist Friday: Meet Mashell

Posted on June 16 2017

Mashell Marye is an artist, designer, and creative director of Holland Loop, an art studio based in the San Francisco bay area. Her unique style weaves together colorful palettes and abstract patterns showcasing the unexpected and playful process of design. When she’s not creating she enjoys thrift store shopping, a Philz coffee, wandering around craft stores, hiking with her boo, and playing fetch with her two cats.

We asked Mashell a few questions to help us
get to know her more + here's what she said:  

1. How does a typical day progress for you? / Do you have any morning rituals?
My morning ritual always starts off with coffee and breakfast. Every other day I do a 30 minute gym session or yoga class in the morning. During the day I work out of my home office as the creative director of my own design studio where I help companies with their branding and web design. I have a 2 ½ foot table that is designated to art projects. It’s perfect because when I take work breaks I like to go to this space and just let myself paint for ten minutes or longer if I can. If I have a moment of inspiration I can easily go there and execute it and it’s time away from the computer. I’m really fortunate to have this set up and I think if you make space for something it’s much easier to get in the routine of doing it. Every other day I work from my art studio where I focus on painting, drawing, illustrating or making ceramics. At the end of my day I make a to do list for the next day, journal or read and then meditate for 10 minutes. These things are small but have kept me sane and centered. Especially since I’m juggling my day job and artwork. 

2. How do you kick off a new week with a fresh start?
Usually I write out my tasks and goals for the week. It’s taken me awhile to give myself weekends where I’m not working on something. Now I make sure that I take the weekends to decompress. Then I take time on Sunday evenings to plan for the upcoming week.

3. What kind of influence or role do you believe art currently has in society?
Art plays an enormous role in our society. I believe art generates empathy which is something we need more of, especially now. Art also has the power to shape and express our societal values. As artists we can foster new ideas, activate reflection, and create a sense of community in places where there may not be one. There’s no bigger role than that. 

4. Do you do any research or look for inspiration when starting new work?
For my design work I do a lot of research on line. For my art, I like it to be a process of experimentation and play, which is opposite from my 9-5. I think that’s what I love about it and why I crave making art. I’m always surprised at what comes up just by playing around and using new materials. Generally I’m inspired by everything - nature, thrift store finds, photography and so on.

5. Anything you wish people understood more about your work and process?
I try to make my work intuitive and unplanned as much as possible. I certainly will have an idea, but I like it to be abstract so I leave room for something surprising. This also means that my work changes depending on how I’m feeling, what music I’m listening to or what I’m inspired by at that moment. Above anything I want my work to delight and connect with others. 

6. What do you love to paint/draw/design most?
I will always love painting abstracts pieces. There’s such a meditative quality to the process that I can never get enough of.


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