The Candle Creative: How We Came To Be

Posted on January 20 2017

It feels like just yesterday that I was pouring candles in my kitchen, double boiling wax on my stove. Something about combining and mixing different scents and balancing throws was just so relaxing. Measuring fragrance oils by eyedrops, getting the heating pattern of the wax down just right, watching the magic of a candle cure. It was all so very  lovely.

On the side, I was anxiously trying to find myself and what I was to do with my life. I knew a few things: I couldn't get enough of graphic design and business. But when I found out that I could not only sell my candles online, but design their labels + curate the cutest packaging, and THEN, I could even get to see how much customers enjoy them in their homes -- I was so delighted! Candelles was born without a second thought.

Struggles had happened. Mistakes were made + we even shut down for a period of time. One thing remained constant though: Candelles was my little happy place during a sad time of tragedy and loss in my life, and I could not let that go. Since then, we've flourished and grew into a happy, colorful world of beautiful fragrances to fill your home.

Another thing we couldn't get away from was collaborations. We had so many inquiries to do custom projects with us and we loved every idea brought to the table! We had such talented artists designing beautiful labels to sell both in our shops and their own. It was a happy medium for my love for design + happy place selling candles.

Due to such a great turnout with our collaborations, we bring to you The Candle Creative. We are the love child of soy candle company Candelles, and the incredible artists who will be collaborating with them.

We’ve decided what could be better than offering a unique candle hub filled with a gallery of artist inspired designs and styles? Candles are center pieces of the home, a beautiful piece of decor, and just as the quality and scent of the candle matter, the packaging is also vital and can often times be the sole reason you decide to make a purchase. 

We wanted to allow those two worlds to come together.
We wanted to give you the beauty of art coupled with your favorite warming fragrance to fill your home.

Currently, The Candle Creative has a team of 12 artists. Meet them here!


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