Three Steps to Improving Your Instagram in 2017

Posted on January 20 2017

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We all know that having a beautifully curated Instagram feed is important to running a successful business. It’s a free and easy way to communicate to your audience that you are a real business with real success. If I told you that your mom was showing your feed to her co-worker, would you wince? You need to feel proud of your feed at any moment, so that at any point, your audience is fully aware of what you do, why you do it, and who you serve. This builds trust. And trust builds a customer base. And customers create profit!

I also understand that it may feel inauthentic to “curate” a feed. I would like to argue that you can curate a beautiful, professional Instagram feed while also being authentic. You can create authenticity through your captions, Instagram stories, and comments to your audience, but that’s another blog post for another day!

Let’s talk about ways that you can start improving your Instagram feed in the New Year, so you feel proud to show those squares to anyone!


1. Pick five themes are stick to them.

There are a lot of aspects of my life that don’t show up in my Instagram feed.You won’t see my weekly date nights, or morning workouts, or what I had for lunch on my feed. I might feel like sharing one of those pictures, but it doesn’t fit with my brand aesthetic, so I don’t share it. I might talk about it in a caption or on my Instagram stories, but you won’t see a picture from those activities show up on my feed. I mainly share pictures of my office, my products, inspirational quotes, behind the scenes, and styled images. This is what my audience expects from me, so it’s what I deliver. Posting a picture from my family reunion would be incredibly confusing and might even cause some to unfollow me. So, find your themes and alternate each post with those themes. This continues to build trust and your audience starts to know what to expect from you. And humans love to know what to expect!

2. Plan your posts for the next five days.

Planning ahead will help you feel less anxiety each day as you plan to post. Write down the picture you will be posting and the caption to go along with it. Want to take it a step further? Start posting at the same time each day. Use hashtags intentionally. And post at least once a day. Seems like too much to handle? Spend one day a week taking pictures (or buying stock images), so you have a bunch ready to go at any minute. Just make sure they fit your brand aesthetic and themes! This step seems a lot more intimidating than it actually is! You can find a easy way to plan here.

3. Be active with other accounts.

It’s no fun when people comment on your posts and never hear back. Start commenting back to your audience AND start interacting with other creatives. I have made so many connections and Instagram friends through commenting on their posts and starting a friendship. This has also been HUGE in the growth and success of my business this past year. Creating relationships is way more valuable than getting hundreds of likes or comments. If you are wanting to see growth with your Instagram or business, focus a lot of energy on networking! I promise it will help so much.

See, it’s not that hard! You just need to do some extra planning and be mindful of each post as it adds to your overall feed. Don’t just post what you feel like; think about it. Be smart. I know you can totally do this, and I am excited to see how you step up your Instagram game in 2017

Come hang out with me on Instagram and comment so I can Instagram stalk you and tell you you’re pretty! If you want to read more about improving your Instagram feed or about my business, head to the Rachel Allene blog!



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