Cinnamon Bun - a simple and delicious as it sounds.
Bursting with fresh, out of the oven cinnamon goodness, smothered in creamy icing aromas,
this candle is one of the absolute best for any time of the year!

Fig and Sugar - a blend of fresh fig and passion fruit, mixed with vanilla,
maple sugar, and musk. Sugary sweet, with the perfect amount of earthy tones.
A must-have!

Freshly Brewed - those of you who believe in the saying
"But first, coffee", this is for you!
The aromas of fresh grounds from the most delicious cup of joe  you can think of...
filling up the smell of your house...  when you've run out of coffee to drink.
Am I right? This is basically a necessity.

Lavender Sage - the perfect, complex and unique, herbal scent.
This fragrance begins with top notes of French lavender, lime, sage, and fern leaves;
followed by middle notes of dill, pepper, moss, and ginger;
and well rounded with base notes of pine, musk, and patchouli.

Soft Cotton - if you are a fan of fresh, clean scents, then this is definitely your candle.
This scent is made up of the perfect combination of lemon and lime zests, notes of baby powder,
violet, and jasmine followed by woodsy notes and white musk.

Sweet Tobacco - begins with top notes of mandarin orange and tarragon;
middle notes include rose, honey, and osmanthus;
and base notes are caramel, amber, musk, and hints of patchouli.
A nostalgic twist and the perfect unisex candle!


African Gardenia - a beautiful floral scent made up of top notes of white gardenia,
lily of the valley and jasmine, sitting on subtle notes of citrus and amber.
This is one of our most elegant blends!

Kiwi and Lemongrass - the perfect burst of freshness.
Starting with refreshing aromas of fresh lemon, orange rinds, and kiwi
blending with middle notes of green tea, bamboo, and eucalyptus,
accompanied by warming base notes of cedarwood and vanilla.

Mint Nectarine - a sweet, yet cooling blend of mint and citrus top notes.
Middle notes of nectarine brings a fruity,
yet leafy green scent to the body of the candle
while bottom woody and musk notes bring a richness to its base.


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